According to the demands of its customers, it provides customs and non-customs warehousing services in Kocaeli Gebze. It operates in all main trade arteries where trade is intense in Turkey and worldwide, with a closed area of 5,500 m² and increasing its capacity every day with ongoing domestic investments. The warehouses are designed with a steel construction floor and a high racking system, using volume (m³) instead of area (m²) for storage. The unit storage cost of the stored material is minimized, providing cost advantages to our customers.

In general, the operations carried out are as follows:

  • Making the storage area productive and efficient in accordance with business processes,
  • Receiving goods from the sender or manufacturer,
  • Unloading, stocking, and consolidating goods in the warehouse,
  • Utilizing forklifts, racks, and pallets in the warehouse,
  • Using information (computer, communication, barcode, etc.) technologies in the warehouse,
  • Stacking, shelving, and storing goods in the warehouse appropriately,
  • Minimizing risk factors such as temperature, humidity, noise, and light in the warehouse,
  • Consolidating goods according to customer orders,
  • Packaging and labeling goods before shipment,
  • Preparing goods for loading and shipment.

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