Customs Clearance

Customs consultancy is a professional field that requires experience, responsibility, knowledge, and trust. Issues to be addressed in customs consultancy include compliance with existing regulations, laws, and regulations, procedures to be followed, permits to be obtained, and strategies to be applied. At Alatlı Gümrük Müşavirliği, we inform our customers about changes in regulations that are specific to their industries. Declaration registration procedures are carried out at our central office through the EDI system, which works in integration with Customs Directorates. For export operations to be carried out quickly and effectively, export union approvals are processed at our office under the E-Union project. In the era of interactive customs, at Alatlı, we provide our customers with daily import and export tracking and status reporting through electronic means. Alatlı Gümrük Müşavirliği provides services at Istanbul, Tekirdağ, İzmit, Derince, Gebze, Yarımca Petro Kimya, Çerkezköy, İzmir, Gemlik, Bursa, and Mersin customs.

Import Customs Clearance

  • Conducting feasibility studies on the goods to be imported, 
  • Implementing Inward Processing Regime applications, 
  • Tracking all stages of door-to-door operations starting from the order, 
  • Tracking travel and document information for the goods from the transport company, 
  • Obtaining endorsements of the documents (if any), 
  • Obtaining the order document (delivery order), 
  • Determining the G.T.I.P. code of the goods, 
  • Sorting and delivering the original certified relevant documents to the operation department,
  • Performing collateral arrangements, 
  • Starting customs acceptance and registration procedures and conducting inspections of the goods, 
  • Recording minutes in case of deficiencies, damages, or errors and informing relevant departments, 
  • Making tax assessments and payment of relevant guarantees or taxes, 
  • Delivering the goods to the address specified in the company's instruction.

Export Customs Clearance

  • Conducting feasibility studies related to the goods to be exported, 
  • Implementation of Outward Processing Regime and Temporary Exportation Procedure, 
  • Obtaining health certificates, control certificates, A.TR, EUR-1 certificate of origin, and consular legalization procedures as required by the destination country, 
  • Obtaining membership in relevant exporter associations depending on the nature of the goods, 
  • Determining the relevant HS code for the goods, 
  • Arranging for the customs broker to deliver the documents to the bank and/or buyer, 
  • Monitoring customs clearance of the loaded vehicle, 
  • Preparing the customs declaration for the exported goods and completing the relevant operational procedures, 
  • Delivering the documents to the shipping company, 
  • Monitoring temporary export procedures and deadlines, 
  • Delivering the documents to you through the document delivery form, 
  • Closing the customs exit declaration.

Other Services

  • Transit procedures, 
  • Customs procedures for postal goods, 
  • Clearance procedures for goods to be liquidated, 
  • Exemptions and exceptions from customs duties,
  • Procedures for returning goods.

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