Air Freight

Air freight is a more expensive method compared to other types of transportation, but it is mainly focused on meeting the expectations of our customers who prefer this method with a more perfect and faster operational process. In international trade, the share of air transportation is 8%. Generally, the goods suitable for transportation by air are: Automotive, Chemical Parts, Advanced Technology Products, Investment Products, Machines and Machine Parts, Heat-Sensitive Products, and Materials with High Material Value. Air transportation is developing at a rate of about 5% every year. Although passenger transport is the main focus in air transportation, the decrease in airplane prices due to competition in recent years has made cargo transportation also seen as quite profitable. Currently, the annual cargo at Atatürk Airport is around 900 tons. People who prefer this method are customers who attach more importance to fast cargo and security. Generally, transportation services are provided by cargo agents, IATA, ICAO, State Airport Operators, Ground Service Providers, Airport Operators, and other similar companies.

How Does the Service Process Begin and Continue in Air Cargo Transportation?
The service process in air cargo transportation can be long and complex. After Alatli Logistics completes the packaging and labeling of the cargo, they complete the documentation process. The addresses to be sent are specified, and the labeling process is completed within certain rules. Afterward, the cargo is delivered to the airline company at the airport. Separate procedures are carried out for dangerous goods. The airline company pays a certain commission to the agent. Ground handling companies, on the other hand:
•    Control the transportation units,
•    Provide ramp services (loading and unloading),
•    Control the cargoes,
•    Undertake customs bonded warehouse and depot services,
•    Separate cargoes according to customers,
•    Store the cargoes for future shipments.
Storage operations are costly; therefore, short-term storage is preferred. In competitive market conditions, to deliver the product to the customer under the most favorable conditions, Alatli Logistics offers different transportation models such as road-air, sea-air, and has consolidation centers in Europe, America, and the Far East, as well as a wide agency network covering the whole world. In addition, they try to provide cost advantages by producing different alternatives in flight planning for their customers.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Which Type of Transportation is More Suitable for You?
Before sending a shipment, you can have a call with our company to learn which transportation method is the most suitable for you. Generally, large shipment trucks are used for road transportation. Depending on the country of destination, there may be several vehicle exchange points. Each transfer can be included in a different type of transportation method, therefore the transportation method should be decided before shipment.
Do Alatlı Provide Storage Service?
We support our customers in our customs-bonded and non-bonded warehouses during the storage stages to reduce their operation costs and improve their logistics processes.

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